jon b. pease, lmftThank you for visiting my page!

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive experience in a wide array of backgrounds and concerns.  My practice consists of about 1/3 equal parts of couples, kids and individuals. I love the diversity in my practice and each segment instructs the other areas of my work which I believe provides me with additional compassion and viewpoints for our unique fears and concerns.

If you’re looking for individual counseling, ask yourself, “what is keeping me stuck?”  Whether or not you know, counseling and therapy offer a non-judgmental forum to explore your scariest thoughts and feelings. I strive to provide a safe and encouraging space to explore your patterns. Together, we  gain deeper understanding of these patterns and work to create new ways to move closer to your goals.

Couples who come to me usually say the similar things, “I am tired of fighting. There has to be more to life than this…” You’re right, there is more to life. If you’re here, you are still hopeful that things can get better. I know how hard it is to face the challenges you’ve been avoiding or arguing about. During session, we collaborate, explore and practice healthy communication styles that feel good and can help your relationship start to breathe again.

I enjoy working with executives, actors and other passionate individuals. Sessions are interactive in nature. I work well with children, particularly those struggling with their parents separation or divorce. This change is terrifying to children, and they often act out instead of ‘talking’  about the fear.

Are you a trainee or intern? Finding the right therapist for your during this crucial learning phase of your education can help you become a better clinician.  I love working with interns and trainees to help them become better therapists.  I guide you through both depth and cognitive work, while tagging the theory in use at the moment. This helps you prepare for the licensing exam.

Brain research tells us that reviewing how we react in situations changes the way our brain works! Call me a geek, but this is exciting! It means you actually can change your behavior at a biological level.  I am active during sessions and reflect and challenge you to think about your situation in new ways.

I am trained to teach new thoughts and behaviors that align with your value system. My playful and insightful approach helps you (and your brain) create the connections needed to live an enriched life.

First Session

During the first ‘get to know me’ session, we talk about what brings you to counseling. We  review my particular skills, specialized trainings how those skills may (or may not) be able to help you. The first session for individuals/kids is $50 and for couples its $75.  During sessions, we work ‘in state” so you can remember what we work on out in the real world.

While the simple act of being heard is healing, it takes more than listening to change behaviors.  I am active and engaged during therapy sessions,  providing feedback in a safe environment and non-judgmental manner. We review ways to enhance communication through relaxation and intense discussions. In counseling, kindness, humor and a ‘lets solve this” attitude are my mottos.

How will this help me?

Counseling and psychotherapy are scientifically proven to work by changing the way the brain works. Although this type of change takes time, once the need for new behaviors are understood and practiced, they stick.

What should I do?

While there is (of course) no easy answer advising us “what to do”, counseling and therapy offer ways to create personal insight that serves to reopen communication lines and, potentially, to find out why we do what we do.

Theravive Counselor