About Jon

cropped-headshot-2011.jpgI graduated from Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology in 2008 with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. The education provided me with a sound theoretical foundation to help individuals, couples, families and children learn new ways to communicate effectively.

Through my training and experience as a therapist, I have worked with 100’s of people, suffering from all types of negative emotional states. I have felt what you’ve felt, so know how hard it is to just get up enough gumption to try something new. Counseling and therapy can be a gentle starting point to get to where you know you want to be.

As a speaker, I have presented to more than 25,000 people through my non-profit organization, Not-the-Target (www.notthetarget.org). Not-the-Target provides parents, children and teachers with the information they need to help stop they bullying cycle. I teach assertive  and cognitive skills to recognize and withstand the attack of a bully.

Counseling Philosophy

I believe that each human possesses the capacity to live a meaningful life. I work with both thoughts and feelings to help you find meaning in your life. During sessions, I strive to provide you with a safe learning environment to explore your unique challenges.

By exploring thoughts and feelings, we begin to integrate our own internal intellectual and body wisdom to define a meaningful life. We are all teachers and students. I love the process of counseling because we learn from one another during sessions.