Couples Therapy

The ultimate goal of therapy is not for couples to depend upon the therapist to resolve issues and to keep coming back. Instead, the goal of therapy is for couples to learn to become specialists in their partner and to learn the specific behaviors which allow us to care for our partner.  Having the watchful and caring eye of an trained observer can help supplement your good intentions with real skills.

I teach proven (and unproven) ways to increase effective communication between couples. Improved communication increases intimacy and safety within a relationship. The ideas we review in counseling are not about what’s been proven ‘right’ – its about what works for you, as a couple.

During sessions, we explore lots of ideas about what makes a couple work – from Gottman, Hendricks, Tatkin – to Cognitive Therapy to ideas as old as Freud and Jung.

And, perhaps most importantly, therapy can teach you how to send clearer messages that your partner can hear and respond to without contamination of past betrayals.

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