Intensive Couples Counseling

Being a couple is difficult when things are easy. Add work, in-laws, friends, kids and pets and you’ve created the recipe for some pretty difficult discussions. ┬áBased on my training and experience with couples, I created a five-week intensive couples training and counseling course that provides you (and your partner) with the tools you need to create emotional intimacy and a better quality of life. The sessions are geared to help couples who want to get more out of their relationship. It is not appropriate for couples who are in crisis.

We sit together as a couple (once) then do two individual sessions each, then come back together to talk about what you’ve learned and how you can apply those lessons to the relationship.

  • 5 sessions (same time each week – prepaid $1200, pay as you go $1400)
  • 75-minutesessions
  • Structured Format
  • Strategic and Focused Techniques are taught and tested during session (you supply the SD card)
  • Optional videoing of sessions to help you remember what you learned in the future
  • Works for all couples, new or together for a long time.

(NOTE: these techniques do not work if domestic violence is present. Please contact me for other options if this is the case).